1. Install updates to SQL Server and install an updated ODBC driver on the workstations that are connecting to the SQL instance.
  2. Download the latest Financial Edge version and patch.  How to install a patch
    • We always recommend the latest patch be installed.
    • With ODBC Driver 11 installed, the Financial Edge registration key will be updated with the patch.
Once these are installed, Financial Edge can be launched and the ODBC driver registry keys will be updated automatically.

If updating SQL and the ODBC Driver after installing the patch an additional step may be needed to update the ODBC driver registry keys.  In the Blackbaud Management Console, edit the description of the FE database or detach and reattach the database. This pushes a registry update out to the workstations and the server. How to change a database description.

NOTE: Blackbaud Support cannot advise whether TLS 1.0 should be disabled, nor can we assist with installing ODBC drivers, Microsoft updates, or disabling TLS 1.0.