1. Click Tickets > Click Add a scheduled program.
  2. Enter the program name and description. Enter Category, Location, and Capacity (optional). For information about this screen, see Add a Scheduled Program Screen.
Note: If you enter a program name greater than 40 characters, the program name will appear truncated on a printed ticket.
  1. Under Prices, you can load a previously created price list for the program or enter the price types and associated face prices independently without loading a price list. 
  2. Important: Mark the checkbox for Requires registration.
  3. If this is a Members Only Program, enter a Membership Program, Level, and number of tickets allowed per transaction. 
  4. On the Resources tab, you can enter supplies, equipment, and staffing resources needed for the program. 
  5. Click Save 
Upon saving, you are taken to the Program Record where you can add registration questions and schedule program event occurrences