If you want to set up a Notification for transactions received, please refer to How do I create or edit email notifications in Blackbaud NetCommunity

If the donation form's Acknowledgement email cannot send successfully (such as the donor mistyped their email address), then a failure notification can be set up directly on the donation form to notify a user that it did send. This is a good to set up so someone can follow up via another means, such as phone or postal mail.

To set up the Acknowledgement email failure notification:
  1. Navigate to the donation form part
  2. Click on Acknowledgement Email button at the top
  3. Click on More options... link below the From name: field
  4. Mark the checkbox after Failures:
  5. Enter an email for the a failure notification to be sent (Tip: Make sure this is someone who can address this promptly. Keep in mind that if a failure notification is received, the donor has NOT received an email thanking them for their support!)
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Save
When an Acknowledgement email failure notification is received, please refer to What to do if an email acknowledgement bounce notification is received from Blackbaud NetCommunity