There are 4 different types of Bios (biographies) which are available:

  1. The Personal Bio only appears within the community if constituents have been granted access to view it. This bio appears in the user's contact card. Typically, the personal bio is used as a casual bio as it is for community use only. For example, teachers or alumni can enter information about themselves.
  1. The User Bio is a public viewable professional bio which only displays on the front end website (this is pulled by the Directory Widget on a Page). It cannot be added/edited/deleted by the user the bio is attached to.
  1. The Athletics Bio can be entered for coaches and can appear on the Athletic pages and on the public team pages.
  1. The Affinity Bio is specific for each affinity category. This allows users on a Meet the Staff or Meet the Office page to have an affinity bio that is unique to that specific department.  For example, you can have a Coach have an Affinity Basketball Coach Bio and a Softball Coach Affinity Bio. These bios can be the same or they can be completely different.