You can get to these settings by going to Core > Settings > Application Style Settings > Logos and Seals.

They must have a filetype of .jpg or .png, saved for the web. Jpg files will give you a better image quality.

PNG files must be saved as PNG-8 with no transparency or you will have undesired results.

If you are creating a watermark, you can adjust the opacity of the logo in Photoshop, but just make sure to have a white background instead of transparent.

It's also important to use the correct dimensions so the image is not squished or stretched. 




The best way to save a logo or seal is to use the following settings in Photoshop:

  1. For logos: Create a document that is 400 x 200 px (72 dpi).
    For seals: Create a document that is 800 x 800 px (72 dpi).

  2. Bring your logo or seal into this document and make sure to size it proportionally by holding the Shift key while resizing.
  3. Be sure there is a white background if your logo has any transparent areas. (Make a new layer below it and make it white).
  4. Click File > Save for Web...
  5. Under presets on the right, choose PNG-8.
    Note: If your logo has a slightly tinted white background on the actual report card, try setting the Web Snap setting in this Save for Web dialog box to about 30% or higher and re-save the image.