To create (or modify) a Schedule Set:
  1. From the persona menu, choose Academics.

  2. Select Scheduling > Schedule Outline and click on Schedule Sets.

  3. Choose the appropriate school level and group type.

  4. Select Add Set.

  5. On the General tab:

    • Enter a Title for the schedule set - e.g. Upper School Schedule.

    • Check off the days that the schedule meets - typically this is Monday - Friday.

    • Enter the start and end dates of the schedule set, these dates typically correspond to the first and last day of school.

    • Enter the dates on which members of the community can view the schedule.

    • Enter the number of days in the schedule set in the Max Day field. For example, if your schedule meets Monday-Friday and resets every Monday, the Max Days would be 5. 

    • Enter the day on which the schedule will start. For example, if your first day of school is on a Wednesday, and you want to run a Wednesday schedule, your start day would be 3. If you wanted to run a Monday schedule, your start day would be 1.

    • Enter the max week and start week, in almost all cases these fields will be 1.

  6. On the Meeting Times tab:

    • For each pattern, enter the # of Times.

      Note: For example, if Mondays have 5 periods, this pattern will have 5 for the # of times.

    • Select + Add Pattern.

    • Choose which days of the week will follow this pattern.

    • Enter the begin and end times for each meeting time.

    • Add additional patterns as needed.