If you want to change the Default View in a module, there are two options:
  1. To change it for everyone, name the view Foundation Default View .  An easy way to do this is to go into View Settings, click on the Default View, and click Save As.  Name it Foundation Default View.  Then make any changes you want in columns, selection, or sorting. There is a button you can select that will insert the correct label.
  2. To change it just for yourself, name the view User Default View .  This view will appear instead of the normal Default View just for you. There is a button you can select that will insert the correct label.

Examples of where you might want to create alternate Default Views:
  1. Profile Module: Perhaps you would like some extra fields added to the regular default view such as Email or Cell Phone.
  2. Grant Module / Applications: Perhaps you would like to add additional Grant codes to the standard Application Default View.  Your organization requires these values filled in, so having them visible in the default data grid helps you see how well the Applications are being coded.
  3. Grant Module / Applications: Perhaps when you go into this module you only want to see your Grant applications and not everyone else's.  Create a User Default View that selects the Applications based on Officer (Staff) code.
  4. Fund Module: Perhaps when users go into this module, they only want to see active Funds.  Create a Foundation Default View selecting on Fund Inactive Date From (blank) Through (blank).
Tip: Whenever possible, always make views Full rather than Optimized.  This will give users more power including being able to search for data in any column set up in the view, and wildcard searching (not to mention adding fields from additional tables).  However, note that Full views can take longer to appear than Optimized views.  How long it takes depends on the number or records in the module or supertab it's in, the speed of your network, and individual workstations.  Places where you are more likely to experience a Full view taking longer to appear are Profiles, Gift History, and Grant History.  You'll need to weigh waiting a few extra seconds against the additional power available in a Full view to decide which one to use.