If you have run an export from FIMS that you would like to open in Excel, follow these steps:
  1. Open Excel and choose File > Open. 
  2. The Open Dialogue will open up. Navigate to the directory where you saved the file.
  3. Change the Files of Type to "All Files" - typically the top item in the list if you don't see your file.
  4. Choose the file you exported from the files listed and either double click on it, or select it and click Open.
  5. If the file is a text file (.txt), Excel starts the Import Text Wizard.  (If the file has a .csv extension, the wizard is skipped and the current.default data format settings are used to interpret how to import each column of data.)
  6. The Import Wizard will typically choose delimited for you, but if not, select it
  7. Click Next and confirm that the columns have been properly chosen.
  8. If they are correct, click Next.  If not, you might have to choose the proper delimiter. 
  9. Typically checking Tab and having a Text qualifier of " will be appropriate.
  10. Step 3 in the Wizard allows you to choose what format each column should be.  
  11. For most data, the General format will be fine.   However, you can choose different formats if needed.  
  12. For example, click on a Date column to change the date format.   If you have a Zip Code column, and any Zip Codes that start with zero, be sure to format that column as Text, otherwise Excel will remove the leading zero.
  13. Click Finish.