To get IRS 990 Data to default into new Grant Applications for ease of preparing the IRS 990 Grantee Schedule, you need to set three System Options.

The System Options will default in the following:

1. IRC Code on the Grantee record (once on the Grantee record, this value will default into Applications)
2. Payment Type (will default into new Applications added)
3. Cash Disbursement (will default into new Applications added)

To turn on the System Options follow these steps:

Select Tools > System Utilities > System Options.

In the Section column choose Grants; In the Option column choose Default_IRS-IRC; In Value choose the most frequently used option.
Repeat steps above for Option Default_IRS-Manner-of-Disbursement;
Repeat steps above for Option Default_IRS-Payment-Type.
When finished, click OK to save the changes and close the window.

Additionally, you should run the tool: File Maintenance > Grants > IRS 990 Default Selection and assignment.  This can optionally set up the system defaults for the IRS Manner of Disbursement and Payment Type.