To skip fund statements if creating them in WORD, the easiest process is of course to selectively print the pages.  An alternative is to delete the pages from the WORD doc before printing.  Possibly modifying the attributes of the associated fund reps would also work. 

The most appropriate way to solve the issue is by using the statement style feature.
  • When a fund has a statement style, the data for that fund will flow to a fndstat_statement style.txt file instead of the main fndstat.txt file. 
Thus, when the statements are merged, the data for the funds you don't want to print out isn't even in the merge file.

For instance you could have a statement style for NoPr ( Do not print Statement) and another for Ret ( Retired funds).  When you export your fund statement data you would get an fndstat_nopr.txt and an fndstat_ret.txt file as well as an fndstat.txt file.
To set up a statement style
  1. Go to File Maintenance > Funds > Fund Code Maintenance > Statement Style.
  2. To add the style to the fund, go to the fund 2 tab and the fund statement radio button. 
  3. You can choose a style. 
If left blank, then the fund will flow to the fndstat.txt file.