1. In Reports, highlight Demographic & Statistical Reports under Report Types.  
  2. Under Report Names, highlight Statistical Reports and click OK.  
  3. In the Field to Use drop-down, choose the desired field to base the report on.
    Note: Depending on which field is selected in the Field to Use drop-down, you may have to further define the field values and/or the Address.  
  4. Based on the field you select on the Fields tab, the default report columns differ. Highlight Columns on the Fields tab to select the data columns that appear in the report.  
  5. Move to the other tabs to set parameters.  
  6. Click the Print Preview icon on the toolbar.  

If you select Constituent Code, you can filter on the constituent code in two places: the Fields tab and the Filters tab. Refer to BB260660 for how they interact with one another.