1. From the Batch page click New Gift Batch or New Constituent Batch.
  2. On the Batch Header tab, fill in any necessary information.
  3. On the Fields tab, select data entry fields. (In a Gift Batch, the fields that you have required for Gifts will appear on the right side by default. You can add any additional fields you'd like to update by double-clicking the field name from the left hand side -- this will automatically add it to the Data entry fields.)
  4. On the Defaults tab, you can enter batch defaults. (For example, if the gift date for all the gifts you'll be adding is 03/20/13, you could set the default Gift Date to 3/20/13, so that you won't have to enter it for each gift. Checking the Hide? box removes it from the batch grid completely.)
  5. Click Data Entry to go to the data entry grid.
  6. Type in constituent or gift information in the corresponding columns
  7. When the batch is complete, go to File > Complete Committed Batch and commit the batch
To return to this setup once you have begun data entry, go to Tools > Edit Batch Setup. For more information, refer to the Batch Guide (PDF).