To see overall counts:

  1. Click on Admin in the left Raiser's Edge menu
  2. Click on System Statistics and the counts will display

Additional Notes:

  • These statistics are for all of the records currently in your database, whether active or inactive, deceased, used, not used, etc. No filtering is done/can be done within Admin > System Statistics.
  • To generate a count using filters (such as "active constituents" or "inactive funds"), use Query or a report like the Tallies Report.
  • If looking at the number of records when determining your hardware requirements (such as considering The Raiser's Edge system requirements, add all (or the specified) record types together (Constituents plus Gifts plus Actions, etc.). Each record type counted is a "record" for this purpose.
  • The only way to decrease these counts is by deleting the appropriate record types, such as using Global Delete.