To add an amendment in Records:

  1. Open the recurring gift record.
  2. Select the Transactions tab and check the 'Next transaction due' at the bottom right of this tab to ensure the transactions / payments are up to date.  Amendments cannot be post-dated. For example, if changing the gift amount and this change should start in December then the November transaction / payments should be processed before the Amendment is added, otherwise outstanding transactions will be skipped.
  3. Select the Amendments tab and click New Amendment. The New Amendment screen appears.

    Amendment tab
  4. The Amendment date defaults to the current date and cannot fall before the Starting On date, as seen on the amendment's Schedule screen.
  5. Enter any changes to the gift subtype, amount, schedule, campaign, fund, appeal, solicitor, acknowledgement status, or letter, and any notes explaining the amendment.
  6. Select the Split Gift tab to make changes as needed.
  7. Click Save and Close.

Note: After saving an amendment to a recurring gift, all other changes to Campaign, Fund, Gift Date, Gift Amount, Gift Type, and Acknowledge must be made as amendments on the amendments tab.