The Deploy Kit is the installation directory used to install workstations. It is necessary to create the deployment package in a shared directory on the server. The Deploy Kits for all Blackbaud products may be on the same drive, but they must be in separate folders (e.g., The Financial Edge and The Raiser's Edge).

  1. Close all applications running on the server and temporarily disable any anti-virus protection programs.
  2. Locate one of the following items which will be used in Step 8 to point the repair process to the install folder: 
    • the installation package that was downloaded from Blackbaud's website and used to install the application on your server.  Extract this file to a temporary location such as the server desktop or other temporary folder located outside of any Blackbaud program files.  Notate the path to this folder for step 8.
    • the folder that was created when the downloaded installation package was extracted on the server;
    • the installation CD.  
    Note:  The installation files or package must be of the same version that you have installed on your network.  For example, if The Raiser's Edge is version 7.91.5056, then the you must use an installation package from the Raiser's Edge 7.91.5056.  If you are on the latest version of the software then you may download the installation package from Blackbaud's website.
  3. Open the Blackbaud Management Console and highlight the product for which the Deploy Kit is being updated.
  4. Click Manage Deploy Kit and click Next.
  5. Select the Repair option and click Next.
  6. Select whether to prompt the user for the install path or to install to a specific path on each workstation.
    Note: The latter option requires that the specified directory be present on each computer in order to install or update correctly.
  7. Click Next.
  8. To the right of the "Install CD Location:" field, click on the ellipsis button to browse to the Install folder that was created when the downloaded installation package was extracted or the installation CD (refer to Step 2).
  9. Click Repair.
  10. PLEASE NOTE:  If a patch has been installed for your Blackbaud software on the server, then you must re-install or re-apply the patch, this will create the patch folder in the Deploy folder.