A scheduling rule defines a relationship between courses. Generate Master Schedule uses scheduling rules when scheduling classes. If applicable, Generate Student Schedules uses scheduling rules when enrolling students in classes. For example, you can define rules to identify corequisites, classes to be taught at the same time in the same room during different terms, or classes to be taught back to back during the day.

Note: You define prerequisites directly on course records; review How to define prerequisites (BB220568).

  • To create a scheduling rule:
    1. In Configuration, Registrar Setup, select Scheduling Rules from the list on the left
    2. On the action bar, click New Scheduling Rule
    3. On the New Scheduling Rule screen, name the rule

      Note: Give the rule a descriptive name so you are sure to select it appropriately on course records
    4. In the Term field, select Same.

      New Scheduling Rule screen

    5. So the program applies the rule during course request assignment and automatic student scheduling, mark the Use rule when enrolling students checkbox
    6. In the first row of the grid, select an option in the Using column. For example, you can select Same, Different, After, or Immediately after.
    7. Depending on the selection you make in the Using column, you can select from a list in the Options column. For example, if you selected Same in the Using column, you can select Block, Times of day, Days, Teacher, Rooms, or Sections in the Options column.

      Same in the Using column

    8. Add all parameters to complete the rule definition. For example:
      • To define a scheduling rule for science classes and labs, select Same in the Term field, and then select Same Teacher, Same Sections, Same Rooms, and Immediately after Meetings in the grid

        scheduling rule for science classes and labs

      • To define a scheduling rule for classes that are "bundled" across terms, select Different in the Term field, and then select Same Times of day, Same Sections, Same Teacher, Same Days, and Same Rooms in the grid

        scheduling rule for classes that are bundled

    9. When finished defining the scheduling rule, click OK to save it
  • To apply a scheduling rule to a course:
    1. In Records, click Courses
    2. Open a course record and select the Rules tab

      Rules tab

    3. Under Rules, select the courses to which the rules apply and enter the rule from Configuration
    4. If the Rule must be used, select Always, if it can be overridden, use Try, or if the rule should not apply, use Ignore
    5. Repeat process for each rule that applies to the course
    6. Save and close the course record