Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

  1. Important notes

    With the End of Year Processing wizard, you can:
    • Promote students to the next grade level
    • Update graduation information for students graduating out of the school system
    • Clear roommate, dormitory, and locker information
    • Delete tracks
    • Delete checklist items
    • Add an action
  2. Steps to take before running End of Year Processing
    • Run the Mark for Reenrollment wizard (BB184652) to generate Student Progression Entries (BB136344) before running End of Year Processing or scheduling students for the next academic year. Because Student Progression Entries associate a student's grade level with an academic year, you can schedule students for the next academic year before you run End of Year Processing.
    • Finish entering all grading information for this year for the students that you are promoting to the next grade level or are graduating.
    • To avoid promoting students more than once, if you run End of Year Processing for each grade level separately, begin with the highest grade level and continue in consecutive order from highest to lowest.
  3. How to run End of Year Processing
    1. On the Administration page, click Status wizards
    2. On the Status wizards page, select End of Year Processing from the list on the left.
      Note: You can also create and run the End of Year Processing wizard in Records - Students by clicking the End of Year Processing link.
    3. Click New on the action bar to create a new parameter set.
    4. On the General tab, select the appropriate academic year in the Promote students to year field.
    5. In the Update frame, you can select the status, status date, and status reason to assign to the included records.
    6. You can mark the following checkboxes:
      • Clear roommate and dormitory information
      • Clear locker information
      • Create exception query
      • Create query of students with changes
      • Print control report
    7. If applicable, select the Additional Information tab to process graduating students.

      Note: The term "graduating students" refers to students graduating out of the school system (BB212912), not students graduating from one school to another within your database. For example, if your organization has an Elementary School, Middle School, and High School, only the High School promotion schedule appears in the Process graduating students using promotion schedule field on the Additional Information tab.


    8. Select the Checklists/Actions tab to delete tracks and/or checklist items, and add actions.
    9. Select the Filters tab to define the students to include. For example, you can include students by query, status, grade level, and/or attributes.
    10. To preview a report of changes before running the wizard, click Preprocessing Report.
    11. To start processing, click Run Now.
Note: When filtering by Student Current Grades, the current grade from Bio 1 is used. When filtering by Student Grade Levels, the grade level from the progression entry for the year student are being promoted to is used.