1. Log into the program as the user whose password needs to be changed.
  2. Select Edit, Change Password from the menu bar.
  3. Fill in the Old Password and the New Password and Confirm. The password may contain up to eight characters.
  4. Exit and Sign out.

    Note: The Supervisor can select not to allow users to change their password. In that case, the option to change password will be grayed out on the menu bar.


       1. From the Main Menu select Administration.
       2. In Administration, click Set up system security. 
       3. Open the user whose password needs to be changed. 
       4. In the Password and Confirm fields, enter the new password.
       5. Click Save and Close.

If the password needs to be updated for the Hosted Environment (Citrix), please see How to reset a user's password in a hosted environment.