From the Credit:


  1. In Records, Credits, open the credit to be apply
  2. Select the Applied to tab

    • To apply all available applications to the amount due, click Apply

      Available Balance Automatically. All available applications appear in

      the applications grid.

    • To apply all unapplied credits to the current payee’s balance due, click the

      down arrow beside Add/Edit Applications and select Use Unapplied

      Amount to Reduce Owner's Balance.

    • To unapply all applications and distribute the full credit evenly to all

      current payers, click the down arrow beside Add/Edit Applications and

      select Unapply all and Distribute Evenly to Current Payers.

    • To apply the credit to specific charges:

      1. Click Add/Edit Applications.
      2. In the Apply the amount distributed to field, select a payee to apply this
        application to, or select All Payees.
      3. To add more charges to the client's account, in the applications grid, click
        Select Additional Charges. The Open screen for charges appears, so you
        can find the charge records.
      4. Use the search criteria to find the Charge, highlight it and click Open
      5. To automatically apply the credit to the first charge in the grid, click
        Apply Automatically. If the credit amount exceeds the charge amount,
        the credit is deducted from subsequent charges from top to bottom until
        the credit balance reaches zero.
        To unapply all applications, click Unapply All.
        To apply only specific applications, in the applications grid, in the
        Apply? column, mark the applications you want to apply.
      6. Click Save and Close

  3. Click Save and Close on the Credit