Important Notes:
  • Only one Student Progression Entry can exist for each academic year. You cannot select an academic year already appearing in the student progression.
  • If a student does not have a Student Progression Entry for an academic year, he is omitted from many areas of Registrar's Office:
    • End of Year processing 
    • Course requests
    • Scheduling
    • Grades
    • Attendance
  • By viewing a student's status log  and progression, you know exactly where the student is in the enrollment process and grade progression.  We recommend that you have a firm understanding of your school's enrollment processes, including grade progression, before adding students.
  • You can add Student Progression Entries to records even if the Session for a new Academic Year has not yet been defined.

​​How to manually add a Student Progression Entry:
  1. From an open student record> select Student>Student Progression, from the menu bar
  2. On the first empty row, select the appropriate school, academic year, grade level, advisor, homeroom teacher, and homeroom (Click Insert on the action bar if an empty row does not exist)
  3. Click OK to save your changes and return to the student record



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