1. How to define a promotion schedule
    1. In Configuration> click Promotion Schedules.
    2. On the action bar>click New Promotion Schedule.

      New Promotion Schedule

    3. You must select a school in the For school field.
    4. You must enter a name for the promotion schedule (maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters).
    5. You can enter a description (maximum of 255 alphanumeric characters).
    6. To designate that a graduate of this school goes to another school, mark the Graduates go to checkbox. Select the school in the first drop-down menu. Select the grade level in the second drop-down menu. For example, in the lower school promotion schedule, you designate that 5th graders graduate and start middle school in 6th grade.
      Note: The grade levels and grade level descriptions on this screen are from the Grade Level table. You cannot edit these columns on this screen.
    7. For each grade level in the school, select the next grade level. For example, students in Prekindergarten are promoted to Kindergarten. Students in Kindergarten are promoted to First Grade.
    8. Mark the Graduate checkbox for the last grade level in the school. For example, mark the Graduate checkbox for Fifth Grade in the lower school promotion schedule.
    9. Designate any grade levels from schools outside of your organization that progress to the entrance level at your school. For example, in the high school promotion schedule, designate that 8th grade promotes to 9th grade.
    10. To save the promotion schedule, click OK.
  2. How to copy a promotion schedule
    To save time when setting up similar promotion schedules, you can copy one schedule, edit it, and save it with a new name and description
    1. In Configuration> click Promotion Schedules.
    2. In the grid, select the promotion schedule to copy.
    3. On the action bar, click Copy from.