For complete instructions, refer to How to import - The basics of importing (BB58904)
  1. Create an Import file with the required fields for importing Constituents.
  2. Include a blank column with the header: ImportID for the Import ID.
  3. Determine the Import IDs that will be used for the records such as your initials, the date and a sequence number. Example: JB070504-001, JB070504-002

    Note: To automatically fill in ascending Import IDs:
    1. Enter the Import ID for the first two records in the import file.
    2. Highlight the two cells that contain the Import ID.
    3. Place your cursor on the bottom right corner of the highlighted range until you see a + sign.
    4. Click and drag your cursor down the remaining records to automatically generate and assign the rest of the Import IDs.
  4. Complete the Constituent information to include in the import file.
  5. Save and close the file as a .csv format.
  6. In Administration, click Import.
  7. Create a new Constituent import.
  8. Import the file.