Note: When you create a default GL distribution, the distribution settings default into each new fund you create to save data entry time; however, the information is only a default, and you can change it in individual funds if necessary.

To set up default GL distribution numbers:

    • On the Raiser's Edge bar, click Config. The Configuration page appears.

    • Click the General Ledger link. The General Ledger page appears.

    • Select GL Distributions on the left of the page. The GL distributions grid displays.

    • The Remove Project column from fund GL Distributions grid checkbox appears only if you have funds with more than one project distribution (for example, a separate project distribution for each gift type for one fund).

      Note: This checkbox enables you to define a project once instead of entering it on each line of the grid on a fund record. When you mark the checkbox, a Project field appears instead of a grid column on the GL Distributions tab of a fund record. You can enter a project or project distribution once in the field instead of in each row of the Project column. If you want to designate one project per fund, mark this checkbox. Then, on the GL Distributions tab of a fund record, you can select one project for the fund. If your fund has more than one project distribution, we recommend you select one project for each fund on the GL Distributions tab of the fund record. If you do not select one project per fund, it is important to note that the project assigned to the gift type of Cash is applied to the fund record when posting to The Financial Edge.

    • In the GL distributions grid, you can establish default settings for the GL Distributions tab on a new fund record. These defaults can be set up for each gift type in the columns of Debit Account Number, Debit Account Desc, Credit Account Number, Credit Account Desc, and Interfund. When you add a new fund record, any information you enter in the GL distributions grid displays automatically on the GL Distributions tab on the new fund record. You can change the GL Distribution information on the record.

    • When you leave the General Ledger page, the program saves your settings automatically.

    To load the default GL distribution numbers to a fund:

    1. Open the appropriate fund record.

    • Select the GL Distributions tab.

    • Select Copy From and choose Default.