Within the General Ledger, you can import Journal Entry Transactions directly from an open batch as well as through Administration. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to import through a batch:
  1. Create Import file with the transactions to import. (sample Journal Entry import file)
  2. In Journal Entry, click New Regular Batch.
  3. Enter a Description, and click Save.
  4. Select Batch, Import Transactions from the menu bar.
  5. On the Select a Parameter File screen, click Add New.
  6. Mark the Import new records radio button to add new transactions or the Update existing records to update transactions.
  7. In the Import file field, browse and select your saved import file.
  8. Mark the Validate data only box under Options in order to validate your file before importing the transactions.
  9. Select the Fields tab. For a list of the required fields and more information review, What are the required fields for importing journal entry transactions?
  10. Ensure the Fields to Import match the Import Fields. To change how a field is mapped, highlight the Field to Import and double-click the corresponding Available Field from the left menu.
  11. Click Validate Now.
  12. If file validates successfully, unmark the Validate data only check box on the General tab and click Import now. If an exception report is created, review the exceptions and make the necessary adjustments to your import file or field mapping and re validate.
Note: When using this option to import transactions, you are not required to have a Batch Number or Batch Import Id in your import file; however, if you import the transactions by going to Administration, Import records, and creating a new Transaction import, you must have a column with the Batch Number or Batch Import ID for each transaction row. Regardless of which of these two methods you use, the Regular Batch must be created first in Journal Entry.

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