1. Before you can log into Blackbaud Hosting Services and open your hosted application, you may need to install the Citrix Receiver on your computer. Refer to How to download and install the Citrix Receiver for instructions.
  2. Configure your web browser for Blackbaud Hosting Services
    Note: Refer to What are the system requirements for Blackbaud Hosting Services? for supported web browsers and the latest system requirements, as noted under Workstation Requirements.
  3. Click the link below that is next to the name of your Blackbaud data center.  
  4. If you are using the Google Chrome web browser, you may be prompted to install Citrix Receiver.  If you have already installed Citrix Receiver, click "Skip to login". 
  5. Enter your Hosting user name and password and click Log In. If you do not have a Blackbaud Hosting Services login, refer to How to add or remove a Blackbaud Hosting Services user.