First, create a constituent query of the desired records to add to the batch using any of the following methods: Once the constituent query (or queries, as more than one can be used) is ready, go to Batch to add the constituents and complete the gift entry:
  1. Create a gift batch
  2. In the Batch set-up screen, select the desired fields and defaults (Note: A field that is defaulted will populate when the constituent is added.)
  3. Click Data Entry
  4. From the batch entry area, select Tools > Group Add Constituents to Batch from the menu bar
  5. Search for the desired constituent query to add to the batch.
  6. Double-click on the query in the search results. The constituents will populate in the batch. (If using several queries, repeat steps 4 through 6 for each query. Note that process does not "de-dupe" the constituents. If a constituent is in several queries, they will add from each query.)
  7. Review gift data and enter if needed. (Note: For some columns, a value can be added or changed in a whole column via global change in Batch.)
  8. Commit the batch