Once AddressAccelerator has been unlocked:
  1. Open The Raiser's Edge
    • Note: The Raiser's Edge versions 7.82 and above require an unlock code for AddressAccelerator and AddressAccelerator - Data Health Center.
  2. From the shell menu bar, select Tools > User Options
  3. Select the File Locations tab and locate the AddressAccelerator Data Files field
    • Type the applicable Address Accelerator file location:
      • Vancouver Data Center
        • CA customers - \\YVR-FILES\AddressAccelerator$\CA\
      • Orange County Data Center (https://login1.blackbaudhosting.com/Citrix/BBH/auth/login.aspx)
        • US customers - \\BBH01FS01\AddressAccelerator$\US
      • Boston Data Center (https://login2.blackbaudhosting.com/Citrix/BBH/auth/login.aspx)
        • US customers - \\BBHFS01\AddressAccelerator$\US
        • CA customers - \\BBHFS01\AddressAccelerator$\CA
        • UK customers - \\BBHFS01\AddressAccelerator$\UK
        • AU customers - \\BBHFS01\AddressAccelerator$\AU
      • Sydney Data Center (https://login4.blackbaudhosting.com/Citrix/BBH/auth/login.aspx)
        • AU customers - \\M4PBBHFS01\AddressAccelerator$\AU\
      • EU (Amsterdam) Data Centre: (https://login01.blackbaud.net/Citrix/S01Web/)
        • EU customers - \\S01P2STOCFS003\addressaccelerator$\UK
      • Azure Data Center:
        • All Customers - c:\AddressValidation
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click OK to save the path you entered
Identify the country or countries whose addresses can be validated. For example, in the UK this may be United Kingdom and/or England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.This depends on the countries that have been set up in Config, International.

​It should not be necessary to add new countries in International for this option, as addresses in Raiser's Edge will already have the country field populated.
This can be checked on the Bio 1 or Org 1 screen of the constituent records:
  1. Click Config, International
  2. Open the relevant country and mark the option Addresses for this country are valid for AddressAccelerator
  3. Save and close the record in International
  4. Repeat for any other relevant countries