Note: Please refer to How to restore a Blackbaud Hosting Services backup locally before attaching your database locally.

If you are a Organization Administrator:

  1. Click Chat with Us to request a backup of your Hosted database from Support. 
If an Organization Administrator is not available to contact Support: 
  1. Print the appropriate form (PDF) and have a Organization Administrator complete the form:
  2. Click Chat with Support and provide a copy of the authorization form to Support by attaching the completed Customer Authorization Form to your case or upload the form to your FTP site once you have received a case number from Support. Please note the form cannot be accepted via Email or Fax for security reasons.
  3. A zipped file containing your database will be placed on the FTP site of the Organization Administrator that approved the request, not the contact who made the request, once it is available. Copies of backups will generally be available 48 to 72 hours after the request has been made.