When entering class attendance, you can select classes that are scheduled in the selected term and have the Track class attendance checkbox marked on the Restrictions 2 tab of the course record

Entering attendance by class:

  1. On the Attendance page, click Enter attendance by class
  2. Select the appropriate school, academic year, session, and term
  3. In the Class field, click the binoculars to select the class for which to enter attendance
  4. In the Sort by field, you can select First name or Last name
  5. Click the down arrow in a cell to select an attendance code for a student in a class meeting

    Note: To enter more details for an attendance code, including call type, comments, and attendance letter to send, click Show Details on the action bar
  6. To copy attendance codes and details from one student to the remaining students in the column, right-click and select Fill down

    Note: This replaces all existing information in the column below the selected student
  7. When you finish entering attendance for a class meeting, mark the checkbox in the Attendance Taken row
  8. Click Save or Save and Close