In Mail, run Donor Acknowledgement Letters. On the General tab in the 'Soft Credits Gifts to, select either:
    • Soft Credit Recipients to send the letter to the soft credit recipient only.
    • Both to send the letter to both the donor and the soft credit recipient .

    Note: If you are using a Constituent, Individual, or Organization query in Donor Acknowledgement Letters, the donor being soft credited must be included in the query in order to be mailed to.

    In Export, you can create Donor Acknowledgement Letters with a more flexible design, including fields that you may not have accessible to you in the Donor Acknowledgment Letters created in Mail. You can use a Gift or a Constituent Export to merge your letters into Word, much like you would in the Mail Module. If you want one letter per gift, you should create a GIFT export.  To ensure your letters are being printed for Soft Credit recipients, select Recipient in the 'Soft Credits Credited to:' frame of the Gift Criteria parameter screen.

    To limit the export to specific gifts, Click the "Filters" Tab of your Gift Criteria parameter screen and include a gift query containing the specific gifts you wish to acknowledge.

    For more information on how to use Export to create Donor Acknowledgement Letters, please refer to: