Windows Operating Systems:

Using the Print Screen button on your keyboard allows you to capture an image on your monitor and insert it into a document.

  1. In a Word or Paint program, select File, New from the menu bar create a new document.
  2. Press Shift + Print Screen or CTRL + Print Screen to copy the entire screen. [On some keyboards the button is named PrtScn].
    Press Alt+Print Screen to copy the active window only.

    Note: Although the screen shot is captured in the background when these keys are pressed, there is no viewable action on the screen.

  3. Once you capture the image, return to the word processor or paint program.
  4. Place the cursor in the area in which you want to place the screen shot.
  5. Select Edit, Paste from the menu bar or press CTRL+V to paste the screen shot into the program.
  6. To print the image, use the printing option from the program the image was pasted into.

Macintosh Operating Systems: 

To capture a take a full-screen shot, press Shift-Command-3. A numbered "Picture" PDF file will appear on your desktop for each screen shot. You may then use an image editor to crop the image to the desired view.

To capture partial screen shots, press Shift-Command-4. The cursor will change to a cross which you can click and drag to select the area to capture.

Downloadable Freeware, such as Screenshot Plus, is also available to create screen shots.