If the EFT module is present:

  1. Add the one-time gift to the bottom of an uncommitted batch in which EFT transactions are generated.
  2. Mark the EFT? checkbox on the batch row
  3. Authorize the credit cards:
    1. If using Blackbaud Merchant Services or IATS: Select Tools, Create EFT Transmission Files and select the appropriate options.
  4. Commit the batch.  

If the EFT module is not present: 

  1. In Batch, click New Gift Batch.
  2. On the Fields tab, select Gift Fields, Authorization Code. This will automatically add the other required fields to the Fields tab (Pay method, Credit Type, Credit card number, and Expires On).
  3. Add any other desired fields and click Data Entry.
  4. Add gifts until the batch is complete.
  5. Authorize the credit cards:
    1. If using Blackbaud Merchant Services or IATS: Select Tools, Authorize Credit Card Transactions and select the appropriate options.
  6. Commit the batch.

If you are using Raiser's Edge NXT follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the web view

2. Go to the Home tab and choose "Add gift "or go to a constituent record, under the Gift history tile, choose "Add gift"



3. Enter the appropriate information for the gift

Note: We are only able to add donations(cash) at this time but look out for more gift types in a future release


Note: the fields marked with an * are required.  Currently, the web view does not respect the required fields selected in the database view.  

4. Under payment method, choose credit card (you should then see additional fields appearing to the right) 


5. Select your desired merchant account (make sure your merchant account information is set-up in database view before attempting to process)

6. Click enter card details to verify the correct address appears, enter cardholder, card number, card expiration date and card CSC number


7. Click Finish and pay (you will receive a success pop up if the transaction is approved)
Note: If the card is not approved review the list of rejection codes to understand why and update the card details

8. The gift will show a message that is has been authorized. Then click save


Note: The gift with be pre-approved but will not be charged until you save the gift record. Once the gift has been saved you can review the authorization code.

9.  The transaction will appear on the Gift history tab of the constituent once the gift is saved and closed


10.  If you open the gift record you can view the transaction details under payment information


11.  Click view credit card information for detail


For more information regarding adding gifts through the web view, review our in product help