The Notepad Security by Type feature in a security group can limit by type the notepads a user can view and/or edit on constituent, gift, action, event, and proposal records. This can be useful to help keep information secure or restricted due to confidentiality reasons. To set this up:
    1. In Administration, click Security.
    2. Open the appropriate Security Group.
    3. In the Group Privileges frame, mark the Notepad Security by Notepad Type checkbox.
    4. Click Options.
    5. Select the appropriate option for each Notepad type:
      • When Cannot View is marked, the user has no rights to the Notepad type.
      • When Cannot Edit is marked, the user can view the Notepad type but cannot make changes.
    6. Click OK to save the changes.
    7. Click Save and Close. If any users are logged in when this save and close occurs, ask them to exit and sign out and then log back in for the updated security settings to take effect.