Note: The instructions use Summary Information, Gifts, Total Gift Amount as an example but apply to all fields that allow separate parameters. Not all fields can have separate parameters. For example, gift fields in a gift export cannot have separate parameters.

  • Create an export.
  • On the Output tab, double-click the field to export and assign the parameters for that first field when prompted. For example, select Summary Information, Gifts, Total Gift Amount. The Gifts Criteria screen appears.

  • Select the appropriate criteria and click OK.
  • In the right frame, the field Total Gift Amount is highlighted. If this field is highlighted, you can select the same field multiple times, but you will not be able to select separate parameters.
  • In the right frame, highlight the name of the export. In this example, highlight New Constituent Export. (In parameters that have already been saved, 'New Constituent Export' becomes the name of the export.) Do not highlight Gifts or Total Gift Amount. Otherwise, you will not be prompted to enter new parameters.

  • In the left frame, double click the field to export again and assign the parameters when prompted. For example, double-click Total Gift Amount. The Gifts Criteria screen appears again. Enter the appropriate information for the second field and click OK.
  • The second field appears in the right frame proceeded by 2. This indicates that you have selected the same field multiple times. For example, the second Total Gift Amount appears under Gifts 2.

  • Repeat for the number of times the field is needed. For example, to export Total Gift Amount three times, follow the above steps three times.