Before beginning the reconciliation, carefully read the Financial Edge Reconciliation Guide for detailed information and find a reliable starting point where the reports either balance or where they are out of balance by a consistent amount.

These are the most common causes for discrepancies between the ledgers:
  • Voided or deleted transactions
  • Transactions where the transaction date and Post date are in different fiscal periods
  • Journal entries made directly to the sub ledger summary account
  • Remitting Payroll taxes, deductions, or withholdings from the incorrect account
  • Adjustment dates and Adjustment post dates to the incorrect periods (Adjustment date will change the open invoice report, but will not update to the General Ledger until it is posted)
  • Beginning balances that have been entered to the General Ledger
  • Payment date prior to the post date and vice versa
Follow these steps to troubleshoot these differences:
  1. Create a query to search for transactions where the post date differs from transaction date. For additional information, review what are the post date and transaction date and how do they differ.

  2. Create a query to search for manual journal entries/adjustments made to the summary accounts
  3. Search for adjustments that have different Post and Adjustment dates

  4. Create a new post parameter or query to view all Not Yet posted transactions
  5. Search for voided payments that have a reversal Post date in a later period than the original payment Post date. 

    Note: Deleted invoices appear on the Open Invoice Report up until the deleted date. The invoice shows as open in General Ledger from the original Post date until the deleted date.

  6. Search for payments  that have a different Check date than Payment Post date

    Note: Run the reports periodically from the last point where the reports balanced. For example if the last time the reports balanced was 1/1, run the appropriate report along with the General Ledger report in detail as of 1/1 then 1/8 to locate the point where the reports do not balance. The reports can be run and compared for each day or week to find these differences. Repeat these steps until the difference is located. 

  7. If you're still unable to reconcile, run an account distribution report in the subsidiary ledger and compare it line by line to the General Ledger report for the same date range.
Set up General Ledger Business rules to help prevent reconciliation issues:
  1. Go to Configuration, Business rules
  2. Highlight Transaction mark the box “ Do not allow post dates to be different than transaction dates in other Blackbaud systems”
  3. Mark the Box “Do not allow Default account to be edited or used as the primary account in other Blackbaud systems”
  4. Highlight Journal Entry, Change the drop down menu for “Allow manual journal entries to Blackbaud System default Summary Accounts” to either “Ask each time” or to the recommended setting “Never”