On the Notes tab on class records, notes can be entered about the class for each marking column.  For example, a note can be added to provide details about what students worked on in the class during that marking column. You can include class notes on report cards and transcripts to provide detailed information about a class in a marking column. Class notes can also be entered in FAWeb and will update in the Education Edge.
  1. In Scheduling, under Class Scheduling Tasks, click Open a class
  2. On the Open screen, search for and select the class
  3. Click New Note on the action bar
  4. In the Marking column field, select the marking column to associate with the note

    Note: For each class, you can define only one note per marking column
  5. Enter the note in the text box. You can select the font type, font size, and apply formatting, such as bold and underline
  6. To check the spelling, click Spelling
  7. Click Save and Close
Note: Class notes must be added for each class section of a course separately.