1. In Query, open the appropriate query or create a new query if appropriate
  2. On the Output screen, select the fields to export
  3. On the query results screen, review the results to ensure they are correct and what you want to export
  4. Select File > Export
  5. The Export screen appears; select the appropriate Export file type.
  • The file name is defaulted. To change it, place your cursor in the field and enter the appropriate path and file name. (You can browse by clicking the ellipsis.)
  1. Click Export Now
  2. The export file is now available in the location specified in step 5. Open it using the appropriate program based on the file type you selected. For example, if you selected one of the Excel file types, open the file using Excel.

Note: Query is a grouping tool, not a reporting tool, so the results may contain duplicates. We recommend exporting the query from the Export module instead to eliminate duplicates and only export from the query when the information cannot be obtained from the Export module.