Acknowledgement emails are edited on the part they are associated with (ex: Donation Form, Event Registration Form, etc.).

The following parts have acknowledgement emails:
  • Donation Form
  • Event Registration Form
  • Membership Form
  • Payment
  • Payment 2.0
  • Fundraiser
    • Donation Acknowledgement Email
    • Forgotten Password/User ID Email
    • Welcome Email
  • User Login
    • Forgotten Password/User ID Email
    • New User Registration Email
The following forms have Acknowledgement Emails:
  • Common Form
  • Online Admission Form
  • Online Reenrollment Form

To create or edit the acknowledgement emails:
  1. Edit the associated part or form
    • If you're using a Donation, Event or Membership Form, start by editing the part
    • For Online Admissions, Online Reenrollment and Common Forms:
      1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Forms
      2. Click the Pencil icon next to the form to edit
  2. Click the Acknowledgement email button in the top left corner of the screen above the details of the part itself
    • If you are editing the form part and you do not see the green button for the Form, do the following:
    1. Scroll down to Payment options
    2. Confirm if it is set to Payment Part or Proceed directly to payment
      • ​​​​(Note: If an Event or Donation Form is attached to a Payment Part, the acknowledgement email will be in the payment part instead of the form itself)
    3. ​​​If you want it to show up on the form, change the option back to "Proceed Directly to Payment" and then click Save
    4. Open the part again. You should see the option for the Acknowledgement Email.
  3. Make any necessary changes and save
HTML code can be edited for acknowledgement emails to change the design of the message. This can be done by Clicking the View tab > Click the HTML Code button. To make sure one acknowledgement looks like another acknowledgment the HTML can be copied from one to the other by clicking the HTML button.
Note: The HTML that makes up merge fields does not always function correctly when copied. It is recommended to delete, and reinsert all merge fields before saving the email.

How do acknowledgement emails work with Common, Online Admission and Online Reenrollment forms?