1. Open Export
2. Create a new student export
3. For Students, choose Selected and select the query
4. On the Output tab, expand Activity Summary, Balance and select Total Amount

The Total Amount field summarizes all transactions on the Activity tab regardless of which record owns or is assigned a payment, charge, credit, etc.

To get a report of the student balances in summary:

1. Select Reports
2. Select Student/Individual/Organization Reports
3. Select Account Balance Report
4. Select New and Define how the report should be run (i.e. what day the balance is calculated as of, records with a credit balance or balance over zero)

Blackbaud recommends not using many filters as it can change the balances on the reports.

Ex. If user filters on Current Grade of 5, it will only show the activity for records that have grade 5. Since the payer is not in a grade, it will not include their payments made

To run the report by grade, please review Filtering on grade changes Account Balances