Implemented in version 7.60.250
  1. Open Configuration and click Business Rules
  2. Select Grant
  3. Select the appropriate options to be used when entering Grants:
    • Automatically generate new grant IDs starting with [ ]:

      With this business rule marked, General Ledger automatically generates new grant ID numbers when you add grants to the database. You also designate the first number to use when creating grant ID numbers.
    • Generated grant IDs are [ ] characters long:

      With this business rule, you designate how many characters to use when creating new grant ID numbers.
    • Prevent data entry to Grant ID field:

      With this business rule, you can lock grant ID numbers so they cannot be edited. This feature prevents missing or duplicate grant IDs.
    • Use values from the [Transaction Code] transaction code:

      You can use this business rule to assign a transaction code to the grant.

      Note: When you select a transaction code, only those transaction code values are available for use on grant records. You cannot change the transaction code after a transaction code value has been defined on any grant record. Unique values for each grant must be added to the table for that transaction code in Configuration, Tables.
    • Duplicate grant criteria:

      In this grid, you select specific grant record fields to use as criteria when searching for duplicate grants. The duplicate search is useful for preventing users from entering duplicate grants.
    • Automatically check for duplicate grants:

      With this business rule marked, General Ledger automatically searches for duplicates when you save a new grant. With this option, you also determine how to handle found duplicates ? you set the program to give a warning when a duplicate exists, or disallow duplicate grants.

      Note: If you do not mark this option you can still check for duplicate grants using the duplicate grant criteria selected in the grid. To do this, on the menu bar of an open grant record, select Grant, Duplicate Search.

For more information, refer to How to enter Grants (BB273203)