The following fields are available when updating addresses through AddressFinder. The fields are located on the Process Options tab in the Add the Following to New Certified Addresses frame.

Note: Blackbaud provides the recommendations below for the best results with your AddressFinder screenings. These parameters are optional, and your organization should decide whether they are appropriate for your database.

  • Address Type: The value selected in this field is added to all new addresses. We recommend this field be left blank so the new addresses default to the address type that was on the original addresses. If you select a specific address type, all the new certified addresses will have that type.  **If you integrate with Patron's Edge, DO NOT change the address type as it will affect the integration and possibly delete information.
  • Info Source: The Info Source tracks who provided the address information. We recommend that you select an existing value in the drop-down menu or enter a new value if you have security rights to add table entries (BB219332). Some examples of info sources for an AddressFinder screenings are AddressFinder mm/dd/yyyy and NCOA Update mm/yy.
  • Date From: The current date defaults into this field
  • Date To: This value indicates the last date the address is valid. If this date is unknown, leave the field blank.