Note: This solution contains troubleshooting steps that pertain to all mailing functions. We also recommend you try searching Knowledgebase for information about your specific mailing function. For example, if you have records missing from Donor Acknowledgement Letters, first search for "Records are missing when printing Donor Acknowledgement Letters."

  1. Ensure the correct parameters are selected on each tab and in User Options. Not all tabs are available with all mailing functions.
    • General tab
      • If using a query, ensure that you selected the correct query, that it is of the correct query type, and that the correct records are selected. If the correct records are not selected, refer to How to troubleshoot query results (BB45425).
      • If a gift range is selected, ensure that it includes the date on the gift. For example, verify the gift was entered on the constituent's record. If the gift was entered in a batch, ensure that the batch is committed correctly and that the gift is not entered on the default row.
      • Ensure the appropriate Head of Household processing option is selected.
      • If appropriate, mark the Inactive constituents, Deceased constituents, and/or Constituents with no valid addresses checkboxes to include these records. 
    • Filters tab
      The options available on the Filters tab vary based on the mailing function (e.g. 'Dates Last Changed', 'Funds', 'Constituent Codes'). For each option on the Filters tab, check to see if any have 'Include Selected' in the Filter Option column. If so, this is limiting which records are processed in the mailing. The Selected Filters column shows the items selected. Ensure the selected items are correct. If not, either select the correct items or select 'Include All' in the Filter Option column.
    • Gift Types tab
      • Unmark the Exclude zero amount gifts checkbox to include zero dollar gifts.
      • Unmark the Use Sale Date checkbox for stock/property gifts if they have not been sold.
    • Ind. Address/Org. Address tabs
      • Ensure the constituent has at least one address marked as Send mail to this address.
      • If the constituent is only missing the address but appears in the mailing, ensure the address has a country that is configured in Configuration, International.
      • If an organization has no contact and you want to include it in the mailing, do not select 'If no contact is found remove record from run' on the Org. Address tab. 
      • If you are mailing to contacts and there is a contact relationship on the org record make sure that the relationship record has an address on it.
    • Attributes tab
      • If selecting to include records with specific attributes, ensure the missing records have the attribute.
      • If selecting to exclude records with specific attributes, ensure the missing records do not have the attribute.
    • Segment tab
      • When using the Segment tab, select All Records on the General tab.
      • Ensure all appropriate queries are selected on the Segment tab.
    • User Options
  2. Check the Constituent's Receipt Type on the Bio2 tab of their record to make sure Consolidated Receipts is not selected. When basing the conditional merge on the gift code or another gift-specific field (ie. Gift Amount, Fund, Letter code), the gifts will not be included in the file. For more information, see BB168098
  3. Change the short date format to MM/dd/yyyy.
  4. If using the Mail Merge Wizard with the next record field, ensure there is not a <<Next Record>> Word field at the end of the document. This field is only necessary between each form, such as receipts, pledge reminders, etc. (This option is only used when you are printing more than one form per page.)
  5. If the merge document contains conditional (If...Then...Else) statements and new values were added for the field on which the condition is based, edit the conditional merge document to update the conditional statements. Note: If you are unable to view the conditional statements, display the mail merge field codes.
  6. If using a parameter file that has been used previously, click Save as and create a new parameter file before making any changes or updates.
  7. Reboot the workstation.
  8. Recreate the mailing parameters.
  9. Log into the same machine as Supervisor and process the mailing. If it runs without error, the original user name may be corrupt. Create a new user name. If it runs, review What to consider before deleting a user name and delete the corrupt user name, if applicable.