When importing AddressFinder data, on the Address Format tab, mark the Retain 'care of' and 'attention: information from the second line of the original address checkbox. If the second line of the originally submitted address begins with 'care of', 'c/o', 'attention:', or 'attn', and you've selected this option, that line is retained and appended as the last line of the updated address.

Note: If 'care of' or 'attention:' is not on the second address line when the data was submitted, or not listed as specified above, the line is removed from the address.  In addition, any other non-address information, i.e. business name, is removed from the address lines.

If your addresses do not contain 'care of' or 'attention:' and you mark this checkbox, it does not change your data in any way.

NOTE: If using AddressFinder within RE NXT webview, there is no option to "retain 'care of' and 'attention' information checkbox.  This option is only available within the Data Health Center.  Users should include a query in NXT AddressFinder to exclude records that have non-address information so they are not updated.