Note: Only a current local administrator can add a user to the Power Users local group.

    • Right-click My Computer and select Manage.

    • Expand the Local Users and Groups category from within System Tools.

    • Select the Groups folder.

    • Double-click the Power Users group from the right pane.

      Note: If a user has power user rights, he is listed here. If not, complete the following steps:

    • Click Add.

    • Select the domain. If you do not have rights or do not know the correct domain, contact your network administrator.

      • Windows 2000: Select the domain from the Look in drop-down list at the top of the Select Users or Groups window.

      • Windows XP or Windows Server 2003: Click Locations, select the domain, and click OK.

      • Select the user from the list.

      • Click Add.

      • Click OK to close the Select Users or Groups screen.

      • Click OK to close the Poser User Properties screen.

      • Close the Computer Management console.