1. On the Reports page, select Grade Reports.
  2. From the list on the left, select Requirements Audit Report.
  3. Click New on the action bar.
  4. On the General tab, select Detail or Summary in the Report type field.
Note: The Columns tab is only available when report is ran in Detail
  1. Mark the appropriate checkboxes in the Include the following requirements grid. You can mark Complete, In-Progress, Planned, or Unfulfilled.
  2. You can mark the Only include students field and then select either:
    • with an incomplete diploma/degree
    • with a complete diploma/degree
  3. On the Filters tab, you can filter the records included in the report by name, status, diploma/degree, grade level/year, school, and attribute.
  4. On the Columns tab, you can select the columns to include in the report. For example, include Course ID, Course Name, Total Awarded Credits, and Grade Awarded.
  5. On the Format tab, determine the look of the report, for example, select the headings, sort order, and name formats.