Process Monitor is compatible with these operating systems: 

    • Windows Server 2008 and higher
    • Windows 7 and higher

    Note: If you are not using one of the operating systems above, use FileMon or RegMon

    1. Download Process Monitor to the computer when are experiencing the issue.
    2. Double-click procmon.exe.
    3. Monitoring may begin automatically. If this is the case, you can click the magnifying glass button to stop or start the monitoring. 
    4. Select Edit, Clear Display to clear the Window.
    5. Select the Monitor you would like to capture from the toolbar. Process Monitor will capture large logs because all four options are selected by default. For example, if you are specifically troubleshooting NTFS permissions on a file/folder, de-select the Registry Monitor and the Process/Thread Monitor from the toolbar.
      Click Apply. 
    6. Click the magnifying glass again to start the monitoring. 
    7. Start the program you are troubleshooting and duplicate the issue or error.
    8. Select File, Save, select "All events" and save the log file to a known location, choosing the default PML format.
    9. The results log appears. Results can include, but are not limited to, the following

      Access Denied: Indicates that the user running the application does not have adequate permissions to the application's files or registry keys.
      Not Found: Indicates that a file or registry key may be missing for that application.

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