On the General tab of the appropriate report, select either Soft Credit to Recipient or Both.

Note: This option only selects how the report will handle soft credits. It will still show the hard credits for gifts without a soft credit. Also, if a gift has a soft credit but it does not meet the report parameters (for example, it is not in the query; it doesn't meet the items selected on the Filters tab), the report treats that gift as if it does not have a soft credit and prints the hard credit.


To only show soft credits, create a query to use with the appropriate report:
    • Create a new Gift query. On the Criteria tab, select Soft Credit>Soft Credit Recipient Name not blank (or select Soft Credit>Soft Credit Amount not blank). From the menu bar, select Tools> Query Options>Gift Processing and select to soft credit the gifts to the soft credit recipient.
    • Include this query in your desired Report or Export.