On gifts in The Raiser's Edge, changes to gifts are made via adjustments. Adjustments are saved on gift records to keep track of these changes, especially for audit trail purposes. An adjustment will keep track of the previous gift information (amount, appeal, fund, campaign, and package) and will generate the correcting entries to update the General Ledger.

If the initial gift has already been posted to the General Ledger, then a gift adjustment is needed to make changes. The Adjustment option can be found on a gift record from the Gift menu.

If the initial gift has already been adjusted (the gift record has an Adjustment tab), then there are two options:

  • If the existing adjustment has NOT POSTED to the General Ledger, it may be edited. 
  • If the existing adjustment is POSTED to the General Ledger, create a new adjustment from the Adjustments tab.

Note: Not all fields can be adjusted. If you need to adjust a field that is not available, such as gift date or gift type, adjust the gift to $0 and add a new gift with the proper information.

After creating the adjustment on a posted gift, the adjustments will need to be posted to update the General Ledger. The entries will reverse/undo the previous gift information and update the General Ledger with the new information. If the adjustment is not posted, the status Adjustment Pending displays on the Miscellaneous tab of the gift record. A gift can have only one pending (open) adjustment. After you post a pending adjustment, you can make or add other adjustments if needed.

Note: Adjustments will not post to the General Ledger for gifts with a GL Post Status of Not Posted or Do Not Post.

After adding the first adjustment, the Adjustments tab appears on the gift record. All adjustments made to the gift are stored on this tab where adjustments can be viewed, edited (if not posted), added (after the first one), and deleted.

Adjustment tab on gift record

To adjust a gift, follow these steps:

  1. Open the gift record.
  2. Click on Gift in the menu bar and select Adjust. OR if the gift already has an adjustment, click on the Adjustments tab and then click New Adjustment in the upper left.
  3. The New Adjustments screen will appear. Add any changes to the Gift Amount, Gift Subtype, and Gift Fund on the Adjustment tab as well as a reason for the adjustment and any additional notes. (Please refer to this Knowledgebase solution regarding the Use adjustment GL post date for the reversal GL post date checkbox. The Adjustment Date will not update the original gift date.) In the example below, the gift was incorrectly entered as $450 to the Camp fund and should be $750 for the Playground Site fund.
    gift adjustment
  4. On the Split Gift tab of the adjustment, additional funds can be added if needed. Campaign, appeal, and package updates (regardless if it's a split gift or not) are recorded on the split gift tab. A campaign, fund, and appeal must be active (e.g. not marked as inactive) in order to save the adjustment. In the example below, the $750 is now being split between two funds and different campaigns, appeals, and packages:
    Adjustment split gift tab
  5. Click Save and close to save the adjustment.


  • A first adjustment is started from Gift > Adjust on the gift record. Second and subsequent adjustments are added Adjustments tab.
  • When adjusting a gift, enter the correct amount of the gift in the Adjusted Amount field, not the amount by which the gift should be adjusted. For example, if a $1000 gift is entered, but should have been entered as $100, the correct amount to enter in the Adjusted Amount field is $100.
  • To track adjusted gifts, run the Adjusted Gift Report in Financial Reports. The report provides auditors with a paper trail to track the changes to the gifts. The Previous Gift Split Information plug-in can also provide additional information for adjustments of split gifts.
  • Changes to recurring gifts are kept via amendments, not adjustments. Please refer to: What is an amendment and how do I add it?
  • If the RE:PlannedGiftTracker is present, users cannot adjust Planned Gifts.  This option is grayed out, even if the Planned Gift is marked Not Posted.  The Received Revenue gifts linked to Planned Gifts can be adjusted. 
  • Please consult with your financial department, accounting advisors, auditor, or other appropriate resources regarding specific adjustment policy for your organization, such as which dates to use and when to post adjustments.