You determine whether the donor, member, or both receive the membership.

To set it for the membership category:
  1. Click Config, Membership Categories  
  2. Double-click the membership category to open it or click New Category to add a new one
  3. Select the Renewal Information tab
  4. In the Renewal Notice Information When There Are Gifts of Membership frame, click in the Send column
  5. Click the down arrow and select Donor, Primary Member, or Both
To override what was set for the membership category for a single membership:
  1. Open the appropriate membership record
  2. Click Records, Memberships and browse to the appropriate membership
  • OR, Click Records, Constituents. Open the appropriate constituent's record and select the Membership tab  
  1. Click Gift of Membership 
  2. If not already entered, enter the constituent who is giving the gift in the Membership gift from field
  3. Mark the Override 'Send To' field(s) in renewal notice schedule option
  4. Mark Donor, Primary Member, or Both in the Send renewal notices to field
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Save and Close
Note: The Send renewal notices to field is only available when the renewal information is set up for the membership category.