To create customized letters for organization records that do not have contacts, organization records that do have contacts (with addressee/salutations), and individual records that have primary salutations, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an export in Microsoft Word Merge format with the following fields:
    Note: Select the fields in this order to avoid confusion when merging.
    • Addressee/Salutation Primary Addressee
    • Addressee/Salutation Primary Salutation
    • Organization Name
    • Contact Addressee/Salutation (select the add/sal type for contact addressee)
    • Contact Addressee/Salutation (select the add/sal type for contact salutation)
    • Address Organization Name
    • Address Position
    • Address Line 1
    • Address Line 2
    • Address Line 3
    • Address Line 4
    • Address Line 5
    • City
    • State - Abbreviation
    • Zip
    • Country
    • Key Indicator
  2. In Microsoft Word, select File, New
  3. Select Tools, Mail Merge from the menu bar. The Mail Merge Helper appears.
  4. Click Create, select Form Letters, and then click Active Window
  5. To attach the data file, click Get Data, then select Open Data Source. Select the appropriate data file, the location of which is on the export Control Report.
  6. When the message "Word found no merge fields in Main Document" appears, click Edit Main Document. Now you can create the body of your form letter.
  7. To insert merge fields, place the cursor where the field should print, click Insert Merge Field, and select the field. Insert fields until the form is complete.
  8. To have "Dear Friend" appear for records that do not have a contact, you need to add a formula after the word "Dear."
    1. Click Insert Word Fields and select If?Then?Else
    2. Select Key Indicator for Field Name, and enter I for Compare to (this is case sensitive). Click OK.
    3. If you do not see the formula, select Tools, Options from the menu bar. On the View tab, mark the Field Codes checkbox. Click OK.
    4. Place the cursor after the second set of quotes and delete each set of quotes to the right.
    5. With the cursor inside the bracket, click Insert Merge Field and insert PriSal.
    6. Click Insert Word Field and select If?Then?Else.
    7. In Field Name, select CASAddSa1; in Comparison, select is blank. Click OK.
    8. Place your cursor in the second set of quotes and type Friend.
    9. Delete the third set of quotes, click Insert Merge Field, and select CASAddSa1.
  9. To begin the merge process, select Tools, Mail Merge and click Merge
  10. In Merge To, select your printer or new document. If you send the merge to a new document, you can view the letters on the screen before printing. Also, mark the option Don't print blank lines when data fields are empty.
  11. Click Merge